Learn About IBC Tote Mixers


An IBC (intermediate bulk container) tote mixer is a piece of equipment that blends liquids, chemicals, or other substances in IBC totes. IBC totes are large and stackable containers that are often used in the industrial or manufacturing industries. The totes are used to store and transport large quantities of liquid materials. This article will provide you with information on the reasons why you would need to mix liquids in an IBC tote and the benefits of using an IBC tote mixer to do so.  

Reasons for mixing liquids in an IBC tote 

Good Consistency: A common reason for mixing liquids or chemicals in an IBC tote is to ensure that the mixture has a good consistency. Some industries where this is commonly done include the pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries. In industries such as these, it's critical for the mixtures to have the right consistency. 

Easy Handling: Mixing the liquids in the IBC tote can also make the process simple and cost-effective. The process offers such benefits as easy handling, a reduced need to transfer liquids from one container to the next, and preventing the mixture from being exposed to contaminants. 

Quality Product: Mixing within the IBC tote helps to prevent a lot of issues that could result in problems with the final product. Some of these things can include sedimentation and separation. Mixing and storing in the IBC tote helps ensure that the final product will be ready to go and of the best quality and consistency possible. 

The IBC tote mixers are easy to use

A great thing about using the IBC tote mixers is that they make the process simple and can help increase productivity. The mixers usually consist of a motor-driven impeller that gets put in the tote right through the lid.  

The impeller then rotates in a way that effectively blends the contents of the tote completely and evenly. The process is easy, and it allows for a large amount of the product to be mixed at once. 

The mixers offer the right level of mixing

Different liquids and chemicals can require different settings. The IBC tote mixers can be set to the appropriate setting for what's in a particular tote. This allows you to properly mix everything to the right consistency and avoid any issues that can arise from mixing the products incorrectly.  

For example, some mixtures may break down if mixed too vigorously. On the other hand, some liquids can be thicker and require faster mixing to ensure the ingredients are well blended. Some should be mixed to have foam, while others should be mixed to reduce bubbles. All this can be done with an IBC tote mixer.


19 May 2023

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