Own A Restaurant? Two Reasons To Install A Fire Suppression System In Your Kitchen


Fire represents a huge threat to any facility. No matter how careful you are, there is always the chance that an electrical fire will break out due to faulty wiring or someone will mistakenly knock over a candle and cause flames to go roaring through the room. Owning a restaurant puts you even more at risk simply because heat and fire are involved in so many of your daily activities. While it's great to keep extinguishers at the ready and putting sprinklers in the ceiling might seem to be another viable preventative measure, keep reading to see why you should consider installing a fire suppression system instead.

Water Can Be Quite Damaging

When you think about ways to put a fire out, water may rise to the top of your list. It's so common to grow up watching television shows where firefighters arrive at the scene of a blaze and use their hoses to quench the fire before it gets even more out of hand. On the big or little screen, the collateral damage from the fire is minimal and everyone quickly gets back to their regular routine. However, in real life, there can be serious consequences involved when water is used to put out a fire. The results could be so severe that the water ends up costing you more than the actual fire!

Fire suppression systems use a combination of dry chemical suppression and clean agent materials to safely extinguish a fire. The kitchen in your restaurant is likely stocked with very expensive equipment that is sensitive to water. Using the suppression system is ideal because the ingredients are designed to get rid of the fire without ruining your appliances.

Get Immediate Assistance

Trying to wait for professional personnel to get to your business during a fire could be costly. It is imperative that you have some form of protection already on the premises because a fire can wreak havoc in a matter of seconds. 

Fire suppression systems are designed to detect smoke and immediately emit the chemicals necessary to remove the risk. Whether you are actually at the eatery or not, you'll know there is a system in place to guard against fires.

When having your fire suppression system installed be sure to get as much coverage as possible. This will give you the confidence you need to run your establishment with supreme peace of mind.

For more information about fire suppression systems, contact a local company.


26 April 2023

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