PCD Tooling: Useful Insights For Those Working With PCD Drills


PCD tools have special diamond particles, which are fused to tooling via pressure and heat. The end result is abrasion-resistant tooling that can perform many actions, including sawing and drilling, on various materials. If you plan on using PCD drills in particular, here are some insights worth noting.

Follow the Correct Lubrication Practices

Even though PCD drills are durable thanks to their diamond particles, they still require lubrication to stay around an optimal temperature range. The right lubrication techniques can also prevent premature wear, so you want to make sure your lubrication practices are refined from the beginning.

A lot of PCD drills rely on water-based lubrication rather than oils. You just need to find a water delivery system that provides the right amount of water on your PCD drills at the right time. Then you can continue using said drills optimally week after week.

Monitor the Temperature of Your Drills

After you refine lubrication practices for your PCD drills, you still want to monitor this tooling's temperature range. It can help you keep drill damage from happening, as well as let you know if adjustments are a good idea with your drilling. 

Rather than touching the drills with your hands though to see how hot they are after fabricating materials, you should use a temperature gun. You can point it at the end of your PCD drill to see how hot it gets. If the temperatures are beyond optimal parameters, you either need to adjust your lubrication or drilling practices immediately. 

Refine Your Drill Speed

How fast your PCD drills work is an important performance aspect you want to refine because it will lead to optimal material fabrication. Most PCD drills work best when put on a lower-speed setting. You'll then have more control of this tooling regardless of the materials you treat. 

Something to also note is the harder the material is that you drill with PCD tooling, the slower your drilling speed should be. This drilling practice can keep your PCD drills in good condition and help you get better fabrication results. 

PCD drills are used by a lot of fabricators today because they can last a long time and drill through just about any material. If you plan on using this type of PCD tooling in your operations, make sure you refine your drilling practices early on so that you get the results you're looking for. 


29 November 2022

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