A System That Will Alert Pedestrians And Forklift Operators Of Each Others Presence


Unexpected accidents between an operator-driven forklift and a pedestrian may occur within confined spaces that are heavily congested. Instead of remodeling your factory's interior and adding extra flooring space that will guarantee that there is enough room for walking staff and machine operators to remain separated, consider purchasing a warehouse pedestrian detection system that will instill safety for everyone who spends time in your facility.

An Overview

A pedestrian detection system may contain a control box, electronic fobs, antennae, and a series of lights or alarms. A sensor system is used to detect when a person has entered a field where a forklift is presently being operated. When the presence of someone is recorded, a signal is sent to the individual and the operator of heavy machinery. The alert may be in the form of a blinking light or a high-pitched alarm.

Each antenna can be used separately, to pick up signals within a specified range. A warehouse pedestrian detection kit that includes an antenna that is designated for small spaces and one that should be used within larger areas will allow an end user to program how a detector will operate. Depending upon the current working conditions, a machine operator can select the antenna that will work best for the size of the area where a forklift will be utilized.

Other Considerations

Each fob should be secured to a lanyard or a keychain. Anyone who is going to be within the confines of your facility should be given a fob prior to allowing them to walk through the warehouse portion of the building. A kit that contains lighting may include a pole mount. This part can be secured to the forklift or can be anchored to another immobile surface within the facility.

If you decide to purchase an alert system that contains multiple lights, consider installing them in high-traffic areas and along the ends of aisles where visibility is limited. As a pedestrian or a machine operator approaches one of the lights that are anchored along the flooring, the light will turn on and blink. This type of alert will also occur when a pedestrian approaches the forklift. The light that is secured to the machinery will turn on.

An alarm system that is designed to be used with the equipment will emit a sound when someone is close to active equipment. This will alert a pedestrian to remain aware of their surroundings and to be on the lookout for a forklift that is in motion.


16 March 2021

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