Advantages Of A 12 Volt Power Supply


When it's time for you to choose a power supply for any given piece of electronics or machinery, one of the first questions you might need to ask yourself is just how much power you need to run whatever it is you are plugging in. Power supplies can offer a wide variety of different voltage options, but some of the lower options include 12 volts and 24 volts. If you don't believe the devices you are plugging in will require much power, here's why opting for a 12 volt power supply might be the way to go.

Lower Voltage Means Your Power Supply Will Be Quiet When in Operation

Is it important to you that your work or home environment remains quiet? Once you start getting into higher voltages, it's possible your power supply might begin to make a bit of background noise while it is turned on and running. You might hear a steady, low hum that could be annoying or disruptive to those around it. 12 volts is not a lot of power, and that's why a 12v supply is going to run silently. If whatever you are plugging in can function with 12 volts, why would you step up to a larger supply that might generate noise?

Lower Voltage Means There Are Fewer Internal Parts and Less Chance Something Will Go Wrong

Because a 12v power supply is relatively low voltage, that means the power supply itself is less complicated from an engineering standpoint and there simply are not as many internal parts that could break down over time. A lower voltage current should also provide less long-term danger of starting a fire or creating other potential safety issues. You can simply plug in your new 12v power supplies and then really not every have to worry about them again, aside from maybe a once or twice a year maintenance check up for your entire electrical system.

Lower Voltage Supplies Are More Cost Effective

If you are just starting out as a business, the cost of your power supplies could be important to you. Sure, you might want to future proof your business by getting a higher voltage supply before you need one, but if you simply need to pinch pennies right now, sticking with 12 volt supplies is by far the most cost effective option for getting your business and all components up and running.

 A 12v power supply is cost effective, quiet and durable. Contact a power supply provider like J Tech Photonics, Inc. today for more information.


3 November 2020

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