Housing Solutions For Your Oilfield Crew Members


Portable rugged structures that are designed to withstand harsh weather will provide a safety net to your oilfield crew members. Nobody wants to incessantly work a difficult job and then be burdened with the task of finding somewhere to lay their head at night. If you provide your hard workers with safe and comfortable housing, morale may be boosted and each person will have something to look forward to at the end of each shift.

Research Modulars That Are Industry Observant

If operations are going to be taking place in a remote location or if you have acquired a permit to perform work duties on leased land, investing in a permanent structure won't be beneficial and you may have difficulty renting enough units to house your workers in. There are different types of oilfield housing, which include modular units that contain bedrooms, a bathroom, and a cooking area and fabric models that are easy to set up and move.

With a fabric-covered housing unit, you can provide one large area for all of your crew members to spend time in and set up rows of bunks, which will provide ample space for everyone to rest. There are also modular units for sale that can be used solely for cooking, meal service, and office needs.

The size of your crew, the area that you and your employees will be performing work duties in, and the length of time that a proposed job may take to complete may influence your decision on whether to purchase large pre-fabricated models or a more primitive structure that is designed to temporarily house all of your workers and provide them with basic necessities.

Choose Between Single Units Or A Large Fabric Structure

If you are going to be responsible for a drilling project that is going to take several months to complete and your workforce is relatively small, you may want to invest in pre-fabricated trailers, which will provide each person with a homey atmosphere, privacy, and plenty of storage space for personal belongings.

On the other hand, if a job is going to be performed in an unpopulated area that is lacking modern resources and you have a large crew to oversee, you may be more concerned about keeping everyone contained in one safe structure that will prevent exposure to wind, rain, and plummeting temperatures.

A fabric structure that utilizes generators for heating purposes may be a more convenient housing option for you and your team. Consult with a oilfield housing designer, to acquire the housing layout and features that will work best in the environment that everyone will be temporarily residing in. For more information, reach out to a professional that works with oilfield housing


8 July 2020

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