Providing Safety For Operators Working Around Automatic Machines


In today's industrial and manufacturing world, computerized and automated equipment is widespread. If you are using equipment in your production that involves automatic movement but also requires an operator to work in and around the machine, there are some things you should consider to help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Machine Control Safety Equipment

Any machine that you use in your production and depends on operator interaction should have some form of safety equipment on it. If there is a possibility that the machine could move while the operator is in close proximity to the machine and could get hurt, you need to make sure that the machine has some safety equipment to ensure that it will not move.

Machine control safety products are available from many different vendors when they are used correctly, and they can reduce the potential for accidents. Machine control safety should be one of the highest priorities in any manufacturing facility, and the safety equipment can be easy to install. 

Many of the industrial supplies that companies use for bolts, brackets, and other industrial equipment also carry machine control safety equipment that will work for your needs. Selecting the equipment you need based on the machine and the protection the operator needs can be challenging, but the company that sells the equipment can help you choose the right item for your workspace.

Types of Safety Equipment

All machine control safety equipment needs to function in a way that stops the motion of the machine if there is an indication of a problem. On machines with doors, like a CNC machine, the control can be something simple like a microswitch the stops the machine if the doors are open.

Water jet machines often use a light curtain or beam in front of the work area so that if you break the beam, the machine stops immediately. And some equipment uses floor mats with sensors in them that require the operator to be on the mat for the machine to run.

Buying Safety Equipment

If you are looking for specific machine control safety equipment, there are companies that specialize in setting up systems for your equipment to make it safer to operate. The company can sell you the parts, or in many cases, they can come and do the work for you. 

Talk with the safety company about what options they have and if custom implementations are available for your situation. 

For more information on machine control safety, reach out to an industrial safety equipment supplier in your area.


26 May 2020

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