Forklift Rental: Things To Consider First


As the owner of a business, there is a good chance that you will need to either rent or purchase a forklift at some point in time. Regardless of whether you are working at a construction site or you are dealing with some inventory, a forklift can prove to be an invaluable tool. However, before choosing a forklift rental, you need to take into consideration a few factors to ensure that you select the right one for your individual needs.

Load Capacity

One thing that you need to consider is the amount of weight that the forklift will be able to sufficiently hold. Consider what it is that you will be lifting, such as boxes with metal machinery or wooden beams. Whatever it is, make sure that you are aware of its weight and compare it to the weight capabilities of the forklift. You should also take into consideration the size, width, and overall shape of the objects that you will be lifting. In some instances, you may need to use additional attachments to carry out the job effectively.


Though one may not necessarily assume that the type of fuel that a forklift uses is a significant factor, it actually makes a significant difference in the performance of the equipment. You will be able to choose between gas, diesel, and electric. A diesel forklift is able to lift the largest of loads and can move at a much quicker rate. They are typically used for moving items outdoors. Gas forklifts, however, are the easiest to refuel when the time comes and tend to have a long, reliable lifespan. Electric forklifts tend to be the most expensive, but they are long-lasting, are cheaper to recharge, are quiet, and produce zero emissions. These are ideal for smaller, confined areas and indoor applications.


The height can ultimately be a "make it or break it" factor, particularly if you are working with the forklift indoors. It is important that you are familiar with the heights of the entryways and ceilings, especially the shortest ones. You should then compare that height with the height of the equipment, which will help prevent the catastrophe of renting a forklift that will be unable to fit into your working space. In addition, you need to take into consideration how high the forklift will be able to reach, how far the arm will extend, and whether it can reach the top shelf of the storage location.

The aforementioned are three factors that must be taken into consideration when you are renting or purchasing a forklift. For more information, talk to a forklift rental company in your area.


14 May 2020

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