Saving Money With Equipment Rentals


Working with a heavy-duty equipment rental company to get the equipment you need for the work you are doing, can save you money and make your life easier in many ways. If the equipment you need is available to you, you may find it is a better use of resources to rent it as you need it than to spend the money on purchasing a piece of equipment you only use once in a while.

Renting Instead of Buying

Many times the heavy equipment you need for a job is expensive, and while there may be some equipment that you use daily, buying something that is only used from time to time is likely going to cost more than it is going to bring in profits to the company. Heavy-duty equipment rental companies can provide the equipment for you, and when you are done with it, you return it to the rental company.

The cost of the equipment rental is often passed on in the job cost, so if you plan right, you are not going to incur the cost of the rental at all. The cost of renting can add up, but when you buy heavy equipment, there are a lot of additional expenses that go far beyond the purchase of the machine.

Maintenance and Repair

Another benefit of renting from a heavy-duty equipment rental company is saving the cost of maintenance on the equipment. Large equipment is costly to maintain, and if you purchase the machine, you have to deal with the maintenance month after month, but renting the same equipment puts the burden of maintenance and repair on the equipment rental company. 

If you experience a breakdown in the field with a machine that is rented, the rental company will come and repair the machine or replace it with another piece of equipment for you. If the breakdown is tied to the way the machine is being used or something that the operator did, you could be responsible for the repair, but in most cases, the insurance on the machine will cover that cost. 

Depreciation or Loss of Value 

When you buy a new piece of equipment, the value of that equipment is going to drop very quickly. Depreciation of the equipment is something you do not have to deal with if you are renting the equipment you need from a heavy-duty equipment rental company.

Because the depreciation happens so fast, often purchasing new equipment that is not used regularly can put you in a position where the machine is not paying for itself and reselling the machine for what you have paid is impossible. Renting the equipment eliminates this problem and allows you to have access to the equipment you need when you need it.

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11 May 2020

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