Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Heating Oil Delivery Goes Smoothly


Heating your home with a boiler or a furnace that burns heating oil is not uncommon in many parts of the country. The fuel is reasonably priced and relatively easy to get, but it is crucial to make sure that everything is working and accessible when you order fuel delivery, or the driver may not be able to bring the fuel you need. 

Access to the Tank

One of the most important things to consider when you have a heating oil delivery is the ability for the delivery driver to reach the tank. The truck that will bring the fuel is large and extremely heavy, so it is vital that the ground the driver has to cross is solid. 

If you have a driveway that is exceptionally soft or muddy, you need to let the heating oil delivery company know ahead of time. The driver may be able to stretch the hose out far enough to reach the tank even if they can not drive up to it, but if they do not have the hose length available, they may not be able to deliver fuel to your home. 

Likewise, in the wintertime, if the driveway or access to the tank is impassable due to snow or ice, it is up to you to clear the path so that the driver can get to the tank safely. If they can not, they may postpone your delivery until the path is clear, and you will have to wait for the oil.

Working Fill Level Indicators

Oil tanks are equipped with fill level indicators on them that the heating oil delivery company will use to determine how much fuel is already in the tank when they arrive. If the gauge or indicator is not functioning correctly, it is harder for the heating oil delivery company to fill the tank without spilling any fuel. 

The fill level indicator is on top of the tank, and your heating service company can replace the indicator for you very quickly. The driver will let you know if it is not working correctly in most cases. 

Some heating oil tanks have a whistle on them as well that sounds as the fuel going into the tank pushes the air in the tank out. This whistle also needs to be working so the driver can hear the difference in tone as the heating oil gets closer to the top of the tank. Your heating oil delivery driver will let you know if there is a problem with this as well.


7 May 2020

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