How To Prepare For Your Warehouse Pallet Rack Installation


Installing pallet racks in your warehouse can be a great improvement to make, but the process of buying and installing the pallet racks can be a bit disruptive. Knowing what to expect and properly planning and preparing for the installation can go a long way. If you are wondering what you and your employees can do to prepare for your warehouse pallet rack installation, you can start by following this list.

Make Alternative Arrangements for Storage

If you have existing pallet racking that you are removing, or if you have items stored in your warehouse in other ways -- such as if you have pallets of items throughout your warehouse -- then you might be concerned about these items getting in the way. One of the first ways that you can prepare for your warehouse pallet rack installation is to make alternative storage arrangements for these items. For example, you may want to look into temporarily renting a warehouse in your area, or you may need to move these items to another area of your facility.

Clean Up the Area

Once you have found alternative storage for the items in your warehouse, you can focus on cleaning the area. Now that everything is out of the way, it's a good time to sweep and mop the floors, for example.

Make a Plan for Arranging Your Pallet Racks

While you are taking care of other preparation tasks, you should make a plan for arranging your pallet racks. This can help you get an idea of how many pallet racks you need and what types of measurements you should look for. This can also help you determine how to best make use of the space in your warehouse, and it will make it easy for you to provide your installers with a plan.

Purchase Your Pallet Racks

Naturally, while you are doing all of these things, you'll need to look for pallet racks. Make sure that you choose well-made, good-quality pallet racks that suit your company's needs. Consider looking at both new and used options.

Find a Team of Installation Professionals

While you're in the process of purchasing your pallet racks and planning for their installation, it's important to look for a team of installers. In many cases, the companies that sell pallet racks actually offer delivery and installation services.

If you're hoping to install new pallet racks in your warehouse sometime soon, follow the tips above. Then, you will be well-prepared for this improvement. 


7 May 2020

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