How Do You Know When Your Pool Pump Should Be Replaced?


A good pool pump that receives the proper maintenance will last you quite a few years without posing any problems. If you know how to recognize the signs that the pool pump is about to go out, you can go ahead and get prepared to get a replacement so you aren't left unexpectedly with no way to pump water through the filter to keep your pool clean. A few telltale signs of an ailing pool pump exist that should let you know it is time to seek a replacement. 

Your pool pump keeps overheating and kicking off. 

Pool pumps have their own internal cooling mechanisms to keep the unit from overheating. If the pool pump is overheating on a regular basis and kicking off, it is a sign that these internal cooling components are not working as they should. Even though these mechanisms operate outside of the motor and can be repaired, it is not common for them to start acting up if the motor is still in good condition. 

Your pool pump is making a lot more noise than usual. 

A good pool pump is something that should be relatively quiet while it is running. If your pump is grinding and whirring when it is on, it is a sign that the motor could be failing. It is not uncommon for a pump to go out soon after the owner starts hearing such noises. 

Your pool water is not staying as clean as it should even though the filter is fine. 

If the pump is running as it should, water is continuously being pulled from the pool, running through the filter, and then cycling back out into the pool. If the pump is ailing, the water is not going to be cycled through for cleaning quite as rapidly or in such large volumes. This lack of movement can lead to your pool water getting dirtier a lot faster than it normally would. You may also notice that you are not having to change the filter as often. 

Your pool pump's pressure gauge is not giving a good reading. 

Not all pool pumps are equipped with a pressure gauge, but most of the modern ones are. If you are getting inconsistent readings on the gauge, it means there is inconsistent pressure inside the pump. Sometimes, this problem comes from something as simple as a clogged filter, but if there is no other explanation, it could be a sign that the motor is failing. 

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28 April 2020

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