Own An Industrial Business? Benefits Of Using Industrial Fans And Different Types Of Fans Available


If you own an industrial business, you should consider installing one or more industrial fans. This will offer your business many benefits. Below is information about these benefits, as well as different types of industrial fans you can choose from.

Benefits of Using Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are very important to provide good ventilation in your building. This will help keep your employees and your customer safe from dust, debris, etc. All these things can cause respiratory issues especially for your employees who are in your building for long periods. Industrial fans will circulate the air, which will also help remove odors that may be in your building. 

If you use anything in your building that causes moisture to build up, the industrial fans will keep everything dry. Industrial fans also help keep your employees and customers cool. This is because the cool air coming from your HVAC unit will distribute throughout the area. 

Consider installing more than one industrial fan in your building if you have a large building to provide these benefits to all employees. 

Types of Industrial Fans

Before you choose an industrial fan, consider how large you need the fan or fans to be. Ask the salesperson how hard the fan blows as this will also be important to know. For example, some fans will blow much harder when compared to others. You may also have to mount larger industrial fans on a ceiling.

There are freestanding industrial fans that are not mounted. Because of this, you can easily move these fans around your building as needed. This works great if you have equipment that you need to cool down quickly or if you have one area of your building that often gets too hot off and on. 

There are also wall mounted fans which you would need to cut into a wall in order to mount the fan. This works well if you plan to keep the fan in place for long periods as it will not be easy to move.

There are duct industrial fans that are installed in your in-line duct system. These fans are mounted using flanges. This type of industrial fan is beneficial to use in buildings that have a lot of fumes, such as from equipment that has an exhaust that puts out a lot of fumes.

Talk with the salesperson where you purchase your industrial fan, and they can give you much more information about them


27 April 2020

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