Considerations to Make When Installing a New Boiler in Your Home


The boiler in your home provides hot water to your heating system and probably provides domestic hot water to the house for things like showers and washing dishes. If the boiler is failing or not large enough to do the job, you may need to look at some options to replace it with a new boiler. 

Get a Boiler Inspection First

Before you decide it is time to replace the boiler in your home, it is essential to have the current boiler inspected by a professional boiler service. If the boiler is not working as well as it once did, repairing the boiler may be less expensive than replacing the entire unit. The boiler service can look over the system and see where the problem is and determine whether repairing makes sense or not. 

The repairs may be more than the old boiler is worth, and in that case, the boiler service can help you determine what you need for a replacement. If your family is larger now that when the boiler was new, or if you have put an addition to the house, you may need a larger boiler to do the job of getting your home and keeping you supplied with hot water when you need it. 

Picking Out a New Boiler

When you start looking at new boilers, start looking for one that meets your needs for heating capacity and water delivery. Once you have determined the size of the boiler you need, you should look at the efficiency of the boiler. The more efficient it is, the more it is going to cost, but that efficiency is going to save you money of fuel month after month, and eventually, the additional cost is going to pay for itself. 

If you are considering zone heating or heating different parts of the house on a separate water loop from the rest of the house, you need to make sure the boiler can handle the job.

Installing the New System

Once you select the boiler, let the boiler service know so they can set up a time to install the new system in your home. If they can use the existing plumbing, the installation will be much faster and can save you some money. If the plumbing is not in good shape, the boiler service may need to replace some or all of the heat system pipes, which will take some time.

Talk to your boiler installation service about what is necessary for your situation so you're prepared for the installation.


21 April 2020

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