How Recycling Scrap Metal Helps The Environment


If you work in an industrial job, you probably come across a lot of scrap metal each day. And, while it might be tempting to just toss that metal out and be done with it, recycling it is much smarter.

There are many recycling facilities that accept industrial scrap metal. Some will even come pick up your materials for you. And, even better yet, you can often earn money by choosing to recycle. Most importantly, though, you'll be helping the planet in some pretty major ways.

Stop Filling Landfills

You probably know that the earth is filled with landfills full of trash and rubbish that nobody wants and that is polluting the earth. What you might not realize, however, is that every time you throw away scrap metal, you contribute to the landfill problem.

In order to stop filling landfills and to instead give your unwanted metal a new life and a new purpose, choose to recycle.

Reduce Methane Emissions

When scrap metal is tossed in a dump somewhere or basically just left to rot, it can, slowly but surely, leak methane into the air as it degrades.

Even worse yet, metal will never fully degrade, which means that it will just keep releasing methane for a very long time. This gas is harmful to the planet and the ozone layer, and the more metal you throw out, the more you contribute to this problem.

Recycling, however, allows metal to be worked into something new so that it's not just sitting, taking up space, and releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Conserve Energy

Making a brand-new piece of metal takes a lot of resources and a lot of energy. Recycling scrap metal, on the other hand, and transforming it into something new uses much less energy and a lot fewer resources.

So, when you choose to give metal a new life, that's a new piece of metal that doesn't have to be formed, meaning you've contributed to the use of fewer resources and less energy. Why wouldn't you help the environment in this vital way?

As you can see, the simple choice to recycle your scrap metal instead of tossing it can do the planet a big favor. You'll do yourself a big favor too since scrap metal often brings a nice little profit from the recycling center, especially if you produce a lot of it on a regular basis. However, no benefit is better than knowing you're making the world a better, healthier place to be.


20 April 2020

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